Trnovačko Lake

  • Trnovačko jezero
  • Trnovačko jezero
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You should see for yourself why Trnovačko Lake is visited by so many people even though it takes more than 5 hours of hard walk to get it.

Trnovačko Lake is located in the far west of Montenegro, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. A forest path starting from Tjentište will take you to the lake through the place called Dragoš sedlo, along the upper stream of Perućica and high-mountain pastures of Prijevor. From Prijevor, the path takes you through dry grasslands and you can reach the lake in a 1 hour 30 minutes walk. If you start your trip from Plužine, the trail will take you along the river Vrbnica past Malo and Veliko Stabanjsko Lake. Since there is a serious rise and path from Plužine arduous, you can reach the lake in a 5-6 hour walk. 

Trnovačko Lake lies at 1,517 m above sea level. It is 825 m long and 715 m wide. Its water is clear and its thin layer in shallow parts on the west side is totally colourless. As the depth increases to the east, the water gets intensely greener.

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