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Hridsko Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Montenegro. Hridsko Lake or “The Lake of Happiness” is located in the northwest of Prokletije at nearly 2,000 m above sea level. It is believed that bathing in its clear water brings health and happiness in marriage, so visitors usually make a wish and throw a small piece of jewellery in it - for luck!   

Even though there is an asphalt/macadam road from the city of Plav, it is better not to go by car all the way because the road can be severely damaged by snow.

This is not one of those lakes that can make you feel uncomfortable. Even though it is surrounded by conifers, it is not dark because of their reflection in water. It is 300 metres long and 160 metres wide. In summer it is about five metres deep and during the year it is even deeper because of intensive rainfall and snow melting. In winter time it freezes and is covered by a thick layer of ice.

There is no fish in the lake, but in July there are many tritons - alpine newts which will freely come to your feet as soon as you step inside. In July water is warm and you can swim in the lake and enjoy silence and beauty of the open skies. This is probably why this lake is believed to bring health and happiness.

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