Skakavica eye (Oko Skakavice)

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This is one of the wonders of Prokletije. This is the beauty that will take your breath away.

Karst well, near the city of Gusinje, at the village Vusanje, emerges at 1,000 m above sea level. It is of circular shape and it looks like karst valley with boiling water. On the north and south sides 3-5 m high limestone cliffs tower above the well. Oko Skakavice is one of the strongest wells in the area of Prokletije. It is 30 m long and 25 metres wide. Because of the crystal clear water bottom of the well can be seen even to the greatest depths (8 m). During the hot summer months, especially in August, the well becomes very small.

Water withdraws and stands still in winter months and there is no surface spillover. Water of Oko is very cold because of the melted snow from the high parts of Prokletije and on the surface it is about 5°C and in the deeper parts 4.3°C. It is too cold to drink and before use it must be left to warm up.

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