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In addition to the promotion of mountain biking and the first mountain biking trail for the cross country discipline, the goal is to draw public attention to the protected area of the Forest Park Trebjesa. Trail is 5,740 m long, and runs entirely through the pine forest.

Once the Reserve Trebjesa, park and forest registered as the property of King Nikola, now protected by law as a special natural area, the hill Trebjesa is standing above the city as its symbol. Located in the urban part of the town, southeast of its buildings and streets, Trebjesa covers the area of 126ha. It is accessible from all sides. Curvy asphalt road leads almost to the top where there is the hotelTrebjesa”. At the spots where the forest is dense it is difficult to go through it so the members of the cycling clubPerun Nikšić cleaned the trail which will be used for hiking-biking. Once a year a competition is organized which is rated for the National League of Montenegro. This is actually VI TROPHY TREBJESA which is organized on the day of the planet Earth. Competition is scored for the National Mountain Bike league of Montenegro under the Rules of BSCG (Bicycle Association of Montenegro).

By organizing competition we want to encourage young people to turn to nature, to spend time in the fresh air and preserve the nature that surrounds us.

Start and finish of the race are in front of the HotelTrebjesa”.

Competition is supported by: Foundation Petrovic Njegoš, Municipality of Nikšić, USAID, Fidija Podgorica.

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