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Rafting – kayak regatta

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The organizers reserve the right to change dates.

Mojkovac Rafting – kayak race from Sjerogošte to Mojkovac, in the organization of the local Tourism Organization of Mojkovca. Participants are members of the club Tara Rafting and Kayak Club “Mojkovac” and after the race gathering under the old bridge is organized in the place where the race “Northern Challenge” starts.

The Tourism Organization of Mojkovac marked the beginning of season for rafting and kayaking with the organization of rafting and kayak regatta in the part of the river Tara that belongs to Mojkovac. That part of the river Tara in the last several years is getting more and more interesting to the fans of rafting and kayaking.  Foreign participants, however, did not wait for the official opening of the season. A large number of kayakers from Slovenia, Spain and Finland visited part of the river Tara which belongs to Mojkovac in April and local tourist agencies are offering an increasing number of rafting tours from the camp Rakočevići to Mojkovac.

The increase in the number of domestic and foreign tourists shows that projects such as introducing kayaks on the river Tara give good results and that development of tourism should be directed towards priceless natural resources such as the river Tara.



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