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Lastva Festivies

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The event is traditionally organised in August in Gornja Lastva near Tivat. The organisers of Lastva Festivities are the cultural, tourism and native-town society "Napredak" (Progress) and Tivat Cultural Centre. The main festive event of Lastva Festivities is held on the first Saturday in August. The festivity features cultural and artistic programmes, Boka Navy wheel dance backed up by the music performane of Music and Education Society "Tivat".

Numerous local and foreign visitors and Tivat residents who visit this event enjoy listening to authentic Lastva songs as well as traditional dances known as Lastva and Skaljari popular wheel dances. One of the highlights of Lastva Festivities are "Evenings in the Mill", featuring harmony-band songs (klape - a traditional type of singing typicla of Boka and Dalmatia). Every year, visitors can enjoy exhibitions of paintings by Tivat painters. Just as the majority of other Tivat events, Lastva Festivities are aimed at preserving and nurturing the cultural heritage of Boka and Tivat.

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