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Carob Fest

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The organizers reserve the right to change dates.

The tourism offer of Tivat Riviera is richer by an event known as the Carob Fest. 

The feast is organised by NGO "Croatian Umbrella Community", Tivat Municipality and Tourism Organisation, while the entire event is dedicated to carob plant which was once used on the coast to produce flour, cakes and brandy. A carob tree, planted long ago in 1886 by a local woman Nina Stjepcevic prior to her wedding and moving to America, has been protected by Tivat Municipality for its ambience value, and it is a central motif of the new event. The programme is enriched by a cultural and entertainment contents, and visitors have a chance to endulge in fried, roasted and salted fish, wine, local brandy called rakija, and carob sweets.

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