Mausoleum of Bishop Danilo

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Uspjelim arhitektonskim rješenjima, spomenik je skoro srastao sa Orlovim kršem čineći ga prepoznatljivim i dominantnim simbolom Cetinja. Spomenik je podignut na vještački formiranom platou, uredjenom kao mali park, na samoj ivici u sjeveroistočnom uglu da bi bio jasno vidljiv iz grada.

On Orlov krš, a small hill above the Cetinje Monastery is the mausoleum of Bishop Danilo, founder of the Petrović-Njegoš dynasty. It was built in 1896. The idea and the draft design were made by Princess Jelena in cooperation with French architect Fruse and the sculptor Moreau Vauthier. Successful architectural design made the monument almost an integral part of Orlov krš. It is a recognisable and a dominant symbol of the town of Cetinje. The mausoleum was built on a plateau, which is arranged as a small park, on the brim of the hill and is highly visible.

On a front wide stone fascia with the inscription, there is a monumental stone sarcophagus with a prominently displayed cross, and three steps leading up to it. On the top of the sarcophagus, in relief, symbols of the Bishop Danilo’s spiritual and state rule are represented. On the sides of the sarcophagus there are stylised ornaments and symbols – a cross, a circle and a flower. On the eastern side, in a circular medallion, a bronze relief of the bishop’s profile is displayed. An asphalt road passing through the south-eastern side of Orlov krš leads to the plateau with the monument.

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