Beekeeping-Radojica Radović

  • Pcele,Crna Gora
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Saint Peter of Cetinje {Sv. Petar Cetinjski (1748 - 1830) was a brave national leader and a mild-tempered and greatly respected person revered even by the most stubborn of highlanders. Due to his God-pleasing lifestyle, the people proclaimed him a Saint. If you pay a visit to the apiary of Radojica Radović, you will discover how St. Peter of Cetinje advised and instructed his people. 
Radojica has continued the multigenerational family beekeeping history. In his exhibition room, he offers bee products of such various types as honey, beeswax, beebread, propolis and numerous other confections made with honey and fruit, as well as classic mead. He offers also a free lesson in the technology of beekeeping and honey consumption.

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