Beekeeping -Rajko Đurašković

  • Pcele,Crna Gora
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Here is the legend of how Rajko started beekeeping. One day, while he was a young man, he was walking by the sea and found himself suddenly surrounded by a stray bee swarm. Rajko interpreted this as a hidden sign and message. He is still a distinguished beekeeper and admirer of bees. 
Did you know that according to popular belief nobody is allowed in a bee yard without being first invited by the beekeeper? 
If you visit Rajko’s bee yard, you will also learn many other popular beliefs and superstitions related to beekeeping. 
He will serve his high quality products, i.e. honey with wormwood, propolis and beebread, (which are aimed at immune system boosting) at his family threshing floor where his ancestors used to sit and tell stories and poems accompanied by the gusle (a one-stringed Montenegrin fiddle).

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