Beekeeping-Lidija Martinović

  • Pcele,Crna Gora
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If you visit the apiary of the Martinović’s, you will hear popular stories about beekeeping in this region, discover why the concept of “kum” (An honorary position rather like that of godfather, best-man or best-friend) is more important to the people than their properties and why bees are considered the most intelligent animals. 
The apiary is located in the oak and beech forest of the Lovćen massif, the slopes of which host an abundance of honey plants. In addition to honey and other bee products, visitors there are provided with a variety of balms, apitherapy and cosmetic products which Lidija and her husband Milorad prepare themselves, incorporating in them their many years’ experience and love, and which have won numerous prizes in exhibitions held in the region.

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