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This medieval fortress is recognizable as the metropolis of the Crnojevići.

During this Montenegrin dynasty it experienced a rise. It was a "town" with 300 houses, near the mouth of the river Morača into the Skadar Lake, with well-developed trade, an important economic and trade center. Its establishment is linked to the 10th century, as a building of the Zeta princes Vojislavljević for military purposes. This is, according to the assumptions, where the army of despot Stefan Nemanjić stayed. However, this is not the end of its military predestination. As it became a metropolis in the 15th century, fierce fighting for and around the fortress of Žabljak began.

Jovan Crnojević monarch, who was in power from 1465-1490, led battles with the Turks, until the fatal year of 1479, when the fort fell into Turkish captivity, thus it remained for almost four full centuries. In the town the Turks turned the Castle of the Crnojevići into barracks, while the church of St. Dordje was turned into a mosque, and later into a school. To the city only one heavy, iron door was leading, behind which there was a narrow and arched corridor. Today the fortress is made of walls up to 15 meters high, two meters wide, with six towers. During the course of the centuries it was redesigned. Turkish reconstruction is recognized by the more neglectful mode of building, and the older parts of the city walls and the semicircular tower were built of hewed stone in limestone plaster. Newer parts have the characteristics of Venetian building.

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