Zetski dom Royal Theatre

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Construction of the Zetski dom Royal Theatre started in 1884 under the direction of the architect Joseph Slade, to be completed only in 1892.

The famous building of the "Zetski dom" Cetinje Theatre was originally intended to accommodate the archives, museum, reading room and library, as well as the theatre. The first theatre show "The Balkan Empress" by Prince Nikola I Petrović was performed in 1888 in the still unfinished building.

The original interior was luxurious and modern, based on European chamber theatres with rich decoration with stucco friezes and painted ceilings. More recently the stage was expanded, the interior was reconstructed and stage is equipped with modern props that enable undisturbed performance of all types of theatre shows.

Zetski dom Royal theatre is part of the European Route of Historic Theatres www.europeanroute.info.

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