• Pomorski muzej, Crna Gora
  • Pomorski muzej, Crna Gora
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The rich maritime history of the Boka and Montenegro is best seen in the buildings and among the collections of the well-known Maritime Museum of Kotor.

The XVIII century baroque Grgurina palace, which is home to the Maritime Museum of Montenegro, is situated in the central part of the Old Town of Kotor, at the address: Trg Bokeljske mornarice 391. The exhibition area of this cultural institution is divided into three floors, namely:

- ground floor, with six bronze relief plaques in the entrance hall, showing the most significant events and the most prominent figures from the past of Boka Kotorska (the Bay of Kotor). In the next room, dedicated to disabled persons, the photos of the Maritime Museum's exhibits are displayed on a

large plasma screen, and visitors can use audio guides in six foreign languages.

- the first floor consists of five separate exhibition rooms, namely: the central hall featuring historical maritime period from XVI to XVIII century, salons of captain families Florio and Ivelic from XIX century, ethnographic section, and the room with historic arms.

- the second floor is also divided into five rooms - the central hall featuring maritime technique collection from XVII and XIX centuries, section on the well-known 12-century-old brotherhood of the Boka Navy, section on the World Wars I and II, maritime school education and Montenegrin maritime, and the room dedicated to steam-shipping and the Jugooceanija company.

In the summer time, the Maritime Museum's working hours are from 08:00 to 22:00, and the museum is open year-around for individual visitors and organised groups as well as for high delegations of various countries. The museum regularly organises book promotions, painting exhibitions, concerts, and marks important events. In the summer months, the first floor terrace is also at disposal for organising occasional cocktails.





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