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The first adventure park in the Region is situated in the National park Lovćen, on Ivanova korita, in the immediate vicinity of the resort, more exactly, of the bungalows of the National park. 

On the area of two hectares there are seven paths subordinated to the sports and  the extreme-adrenaline activities. Every path possesses the capacity of 15 games, which are arranged by the height, depending on the age of the users. The adventure park possesses the games for the age from 5 to 70 years old. All games in the adventure park are based on the connected wooden platforms in a row of  fifteen , which are built on the trees in the National park. On their way to the finishing  line, the visitors  meet different obstacles during their moving from one platform to the other, with the help of cords. 

On arrival  every user of the adventure park  gets the necessary equipment (belt, helmet , gloves) for using the appropriate path. The team of professionally trained demonstrators is at the visitors' disposal and they will show the way of using the equipment and games.

All paths are marked with different  colours: yellow, green, blue, orange, red  and black ;and the competitive path is separated. The first, yellow path is for the children and its height is 1,5 metres the green one is for the age between 10 and 70 years old and it is at the height of 3,5 metres. The blue path is for the children up to 15 years old, the orange one is for the users over 18 years old and its height is 8 metres. The red path is, also , for the age over 18 years old but its height is 12 metres. The black path is planned for the age over 18 years old and its height is up to 15 metres.The competitive path is adapted for all ages , from 10 to  70 years old and it is situated at the height of 3,5 metres.

Price per person:

8€ for age (5 -8 years),
12€ for age ( 8 – 13 years),
18€ for adults ( 14 +)

Special discounts for school groups, team building packages, birthday parties and other group bookings. Contact us for more details about organizing your meetings and events.


In the period from 01 June to 15 September Park is open every day from 10 h to 18 h.

And in the period from 15 April to 1 June and 15 September to 30 October, in weekends from 12h to 18h. During the week we are open only for advance bookings.

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