Njegos's museum - Biljarda

  • Biljarda,Montenegro
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“Biljarda” is a magnificent stone building, established by Petar II Petrovic Njegoš for the purpose of the Senate offices and as Njegoš’s own dwelling. Today it is a museum where the memory of this famous ruler, poet and bishop is preserved. The building is called the “Biljarda” and is named after the billiard table Njegos brought from Italy. Fifty young men carried the billiard table’s parts from Koror up to Cetinje! On the occasion of the centenary of the death of this great poet, after its reconstruction in 1951, the Billiard House had two museums under its roof: - the Njegoš Museum and the Museum of Ethnography.

A gallery, with the works of distinguished artists dedicated to Njegos, is also in the house. The things that Njegoš used are preserved here, as well as his manuscripts, books, a rich library, money, guns, etc. The gallery has over several hundred works of art that were, out of great respect, once presented by many artists to this magnificent person and a creator of the unmatched work “The Mountain Wreath”. Along the Billiard House yard, on the southern part of it, there is a pavilion where a large relief map of Montenegro is situated. It is unique in Europe for its size and preciseness. Austrian military experts produced it in 1916-17. For military reasons even the smallest place was marked on it, as well as paths and footpaths of that time.

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