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Vučje Ski Centre is located 20 kilometers from Nikšić in the direction of Žabljak, at an altitude of over 1300 metres above sea level. It is situated on the slope of the Krnovo Plateau. 

The road to Vucje leads past Goransko, Ravno and Staban, the Staban lakes and the Komarnica Canyon. 

The ski center includes accommodation facilities with 6 rooms, of which 2 are doubles and 4 are 3-bed, while the mansion has 50 beds, a parking space for cars and buses, a cafe, a small bakery with products from the Nikšić-based company Uniprom, and a restaurant. 

There are 2 ski lifts - baby and adults. 

Daily ski pass - from 5 to 10 , Renting ski equipment - 5 to 15 

  • +382 (0)67 319 719

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