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Botanical garden Dulovine, which was first made in 1980 by Daniel and Vera Vincek and Prof. Dr Vukic Pulević, is an a-must-see attraction of Kolašin. On the area of 646 m and at an altitude of 1,018 meters above sea level the garden today cherishes about 350 plant species, including a significant number of endemic species. Plants are mainly brought from the inland mountains: Bjelasica, Sinjajevina, Moračke mountains, Komovi and Durmitor and a mountain range of Prokletije is represented by plant species from the mount Hajla. Some species from the coastal mountains - the peaks of the mounts Rumija, Lovćen and Orjen have been successfully planted in this garden.

All plant species are named in Latin and some of them also have their local names which have been taken mainly from the literature and research papers of D. Simonović, V. Pulević, R. Lakušić and Č. Šilić since they have not been explored enough. Files and databases, through which morphology and growth stages of individual plants are monitored, are kept in the garden. The Herbarium has also been formed, which, due to the lack of space, was given to the National Park Biogradska Gora. The existing database is updated and modernized by the Science Faculty in Podgorica. The garden also has its library, VHS tapes, slides and collection of photographs. For some groups of plants it was tried to imitate conditions of their natural habitats to the extent possible. 

The idea of the creators of the garden was to educate and preserve gene fund and provide a basis for scientific research in cooperation with the Science Faculty, Natural History Museum and the Institute for Nature Protection. Connections are preserved and experiences are exchanged with other botanical gardens, institutions and individuals from this profession.

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