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Petrovac is a town in the municipality of Budva and is part of the Budva Riviera. He is known for summer tourism and Roman mosaics from the 3rd century, which shows the god of sleep, Hypnos. Town beach is approximately 600 m and is one of the most beautiful in this part of the Adriatic. Near the town there are two islands Katic and Sveta Sunday.

Petrovac is a very old settlement. Based on the so far discovered archaeological finds can be determined that is in place today Petrovac during the Roman era there was a settlement, probably represent less phased station on the Roman road along the Adriatic coast. Although a small village, Petrovac has an interesting history. It was first mentioned in "LPD" from the twelfth century under the name Lastva, and also in the Charter of King Milutin in 1308th year. At the site of the present Petrovac have met for centuries Paštrovići and maintained every year your congregation's famous "Bankada." Permit pastrovska "Bankada" Venetians in the XVI. built on the banks of Lazzaretto, and above it a little more affordable smallish rock fortress Castellum. From that time until the end of World War I settlement was called Castel's case, or just Kastio.Današnje settlement was established in the late 18thcentury. In the coastal areas along the coast Paštrovići had their temporary buildings - warehouses to accommodate groups of agricultural products, mainly oil and wine, which are produced in large quantities and exported. Along with economic strengthening is accompanied construction of settlements along the coast, allowing for better organization and lifestyle.Some families descend from the village to the slopes rise apartment buildings and permanently settled there. Already at the end of the nineteenth century settlement assumes the function of traffic and trade center and the administrative center of the eastern part Pastrovic.

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