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In front of the castle a wooden floodgate was built which was used for docking ships and yachts. In the period from 1866 to 1916 King Nikola owned ten yachts. King Nikola bought a famous yacht "Sibil" from the novelist Jules Verne, and his last yacht "Rumija" was sunk by Austro-Hungarian Navy in 1915.

Today the castle is more of a museum building. In the castle park there is a train called "Ćiro" with two locomotives and two carriages, of which one was a saloon carriage for the royal family, as a reminder of the Bar-Virpazar railway that started functioning in 1908. That was the first railway in Montenegro, extending 43 km and passing through a tunnel that was 1,969 m long. This railway remained in service until 1959.

Here there is also a hothouse, constructed of rust-proof materials, which was a gift of the Italian King Emanuel, and today serves as a hostelry known as "The Prince's Garden".


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