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Tramontana restaurant is settled in the beautiful village of Morinj in Bay of Kotor, on the position along the coast between Risan and Kamenari. It is approachable from all directions. This cafe pizzeria is tucked in countryside outlined with the hilltops which reflect in the clear waters abundant with numerous fish species. This picture is part of fairy tale scenery of the Adriatic coast. 

Tramontana completely blends with the nature, not breaking the harmony of the environment. It has an appearance of an elegant ship that stranded here and 'decided' not to sail further. The  venue is positioned at the very coast and features three terraces with plenty of greenery and lot of shade. It is approachable from the sea side. Tramontana features private beach, followed by comfortable and stylish beach gear. There is also restaurant's parking. 

Tramontana completely stands out as independent venue at the coast and with light Italian cuisine, famous by homemade pizzas, it offers  full-day vacation at the beach. 

Popular DJ-s, pop-rock music and excellent cocktails guarantee pleasant and a relaxed atmosphere on daily basis in Tramontana.
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