Visitorsko Lake

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Visitorsko Lake lies in the North-East of the mount Visitor (1,735meters above sea level). It is away from the highest peak – Plana 2 km of air travel distance. It is a glacial lake and belongs to a group of smaller mountain lakes known as “Mountain Eyes”. Fir and spruce reflect in the lake which is surrounded by absolute peace and quiet. The lake is oval and its maximum length is 91m and its maximum width is 72m. 

In winter time it is frozen and there is always a thick layer of snow on top of it. In summer time you can swim in it particularly if you have taken the marked trail through the wood to the peak of the mount Visitor if you start your trip from the village of Brezojevice (municipality of Plav). Water temperature reaches 18 degrees. Special curiosity of the lake is a former “floating island”. The legend says that shepherds made it when they made a raft. They would take the raft over night to take their cattle to the shore. Over time the raft got covered with grass and was connected to the mainland with fallen pine trees.  

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