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The Dalovica cave is located at 40th kilometre from Bijelo Polje, in the river Bistrica Canyon. Nearly 16 kilometres of the cave have been explored so far. When getting to Bijelo Polje a few signs to this cave can be seen.

Those who are coming by train can easily find the Cave, because railroad station is located next to the main road. In that way finding the directives and traffic signs won't be a problem. Going upstream through the Djalovica gorge, on the left side of the valley, at the place where valley joins the gorge, is the lowest of the four lakes known as "Vrazji firovi"- "Devil's Whirlpools". The largest of the three entrances to cave over Devil's Whirlpools is in the upper part of the valley. It is supposed that Djalovica cave is up to 200 kilometres long. The part over Devil's Whirlpools has been explored and it consists of large number of galleries, passages and chambers.

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