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With Montenegro Voyage the satisfaction is guaranteed.



Dear customers,

our team is highly trained individuals with experience in tourism market. We have the confidence and the expertise to handle the most complex and challenging tasks You are facing us with, and we are always getting the best out of circumstances, that’s why with us the satisfaction is guaranteed. In our tour Itineraries we are providing with high standards and professional land services, and offer to show You the rich unspoiled nature as well as the kindness of local people. No matter if we are working with FIT's (free independent tours) or guided Group tours, we do take care of all our travelers individually. We are developing by keeping profound thought on the small details that form the whole tour, transform it from a good tour to an excellent tour, and this is the result of our engagement of full and continuous collaboration on a regular basis.Our tour Itineraries allows You to enjoy the secrets of the country that only local's usually encounter.

Montenegro Voyage specialty is Incoming tourism:

- organize and operate FIT & Group tour Itineraries through Montenegro, all after Your wishes and Your budget.

- Incentive tours: special tours for companies staff and partners, which combines educational and social activities.

Montenegro Voyage is the best choice to deliver your travel expectations.

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  • Photo safari
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  • Yachting
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Kite-surfing
  • Off road
  • Mountaineering
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