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Be creative - piece together your own FUN holiday! We offer you safe, enjoyable, and healthy vacations 365 days a year! 

Explorer provides full service starting with transfers, guiding, accommodation, catering and excursions. All those items are further subdivided into many interesting options depending entirely on your clients requests. Prior to above mentioned we are specialized in organization of active excursions such are: rafting, jeep safari, quad bike safari, snowmobile winter safaris, kayaking, hiking, camping, etc.

What is the most important is our readiness to combine everything into one package according to client's request. Prior to above mentioned we are specialized in organization of team building events for companies who want to improve their inter relations while having good time in solving our puzzles and gaining the goal.

Type of services:
Accommodation, conferences, transfers, consultation, trips

Staff and qualification:
5 employees in total.
Foreign languages: English, Russian, French.

Telekom, Telemont, Rauch, Mercator, Delta Holding, Nokia, Orange, Henkel, Toyota, Nissan...

Office hours is from 9am to 16pm every day except Sunday, and during the summer season hours are from 08 to 16pm every day. 



  • Biking
  • Photo safari
  • Hiking/Trekking
  • Horse riding
  • Yachting
  • Sailing
  • Canyoning
  • Kayaking
  • Mountaineering
  • Bird watching
  • Rafting
  • Diving
  • Ski
  • Speleology
  • Windsurfing


  • Tours

    Paragliding in the mountain areas

    This offer is valid during the summer in the Bjelasica, Sinjajevina, and Tara mountains.  Flying the ski resort in Bjelasica is also possible in the winter.We start... More
  • Tours

    Fishing on Plavsko lake

    General information:Plavsko lake is situated on the north of Montenegro at an altitude of 950m, with a surface of 2 square kilometers at the bottom of Prokletije... More
  • Tours

    Fishing on Rikavačko lake

    General information:The lake is situated at the bottom of the Black mountain, between Prokletije and Komovi where the beautiful landscapes of rocky mountains are sure to... More
  • Tours

    Fishing on Kapetanovo lake

    General information:The lake is situated between Kolasin and Niksic, there are two main roads so the distance is either 80 or 120 km from Kolasin.  The beautiful... More
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