Auto-moto Association of Montenegro

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Auto-moto Association of Montenegro has 6 decades long tradition of existence and its basic activity is giving information about road conditions and providing roadside assistance to motorized road users. Alos, Auto-moto Association of Montenegro engages in the activity of issuing international driving documentation (international drivers license, international driving permit etc.) and other significant activities.

Auto-moto clubs operate within the system of Auto-moto Association which cover every part of national territory in the activities of providing roadside assistance and other services of interest to motorized citizens in Montenegro and beyond. In 2006 Auto-moto Association independently became a full member of the FIA (International Automobile Federation that has over 100 million members – motorized road users and gathers mostly all the countries of the world) from the area of mobility i.e. international roadside assistance, issuing international driving documentation, auto-sport as well as protection of legitimate interests of users and their safety.

Auto-moto association was also accepted into ARC Europe (European Road Assistance Network) what enabled the improvement of all the segments of this activity through active participation and cooperation inside this European association.

The recognition of Auto-moto Association of Montenegro by this international organizations is the best evidence of the European level of standards in providing services on the territory of Montenegro.

Decades long experience and contribution to the development and organization of national and international auto-moto competitions as well as great success of its auto clubs and competitors on these competitions are the recognizable image of Auto-moto Association.

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