Montenegro Canyoning

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Our guides Miloš and Marko Blečić are experienced members of Alpine Search and Rescue, mountaineers which climbed the worlds' highest summits, including Mount Everest (2010).
The equipment and procedures are in accordance with the highest standards, which, along with the dedication of our licensed guides, guarantees the safety.

This will help you experience the unforgettable adventure in the wild beauty.

What is canyoning?
Canyoning is passing through narrow riverbeds (canyons) which include swimming, jumping, walking, climbing, sometimes even rappelling. This high-adrenaline sports is growing ever more popular each day. The thing that differs canyoning from other sports is the scenery – virgin wild nature, high and steep cliffs, crystal clear water, narrow passages, waterfalls, cascades and other phenomena nature spent thousands of years building.

What is necessary for canyoning?
Our guests are mainly those wishing for adventure and adrenaline, people wanting to see Montenegro the way nature built it millions of years ago. Experience is not necessary, knowing how to swim and good physical shape is an asset, and the acceptable age is from 18-55.

We provide the necessary equipment, 5mm neoprene suits, neoprene stockings, helmets, belts and the professional guides. You are supposed to take your own shoes for canyoning. After canyoning, the lunch is organized in the restaurant with traditional Montenegrin food. Photos and videos are readily available after canyoning.

General information:

- Arriving at the mouth of the canyon around 11 o'clock
- Distribution of equipment and short briefing
(every team member the equipment).
- Departure around 12 h
- Passing through canyon lasts for app. 3 - 4 h .
- End of tour, changing of clothes
- Lunch in ethno-village
- Equipment: neoprene suit, neoprene socks, helmet and
if needed climbing rope.

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